Eagle Talon Enterprises, L.L.C.
Cattle Pregnancy testing, BVD-PI testing and Johne's testing.
Reliable, accurate and quick results.
Results reported within 24 hours of sample submission.
Pregnancy, BVD-PI, Johne's testing for all classes of livestock.
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Cattle Pregnancy testing, BVD-PI and Johnes testing lab for all classes of livestock. Laboratory results are reported the next day after receiving samples.
 Eagle Talon Enterprises, L.L.C. offers current technology to the livestock industry to improve production goals for herd development. Our lab provides accurate testing and efficient and timely results.
We offer Pregnancy testing for Cattle (Dairy and Beef).
BVD/Border Disease and Johne's/TB testing for all ruminant species(Cattle, Bison, Sheep, Goat, Deer, Elk, Llama, and Alpacas).
Livestock Samples are run every day because ranching is not a MON-FRI JOB!
 Pregnancy testing - $2.50/head
BVD-PI IDEXX HERDCHECK®ELISA testing using ear notch or serum samples! $3.75/head
Johne's IDEXX ELISA Testing (Serum) $4.50/head
Discounts available for submission of 100 or more samples. Details provided on Submittal and Shipping Information.
Eagle Talon provides producers pregnancy determination by offering BioPRYN®. A blood based pregnancy assay for cattle that is more accurate than either palpation or ultrasound at 30 days gestation. Laboratory results can be provided direct to producer or veterinarian and uploaded into most management software. Being able to detect earlier with increased accuracy can save time and money by reducing feeding of open cows, reduce sending mis-diagnosed open cows to sale, culling earlier, reduce fetal losses due to internal manipulation, or cycle cows accurately in intensively mangaged AI/Embryo Transplant herds and flexability for the producer to get results when desired. Conveniency gives producers the ability to pregnancy detect on producers schedule around other necessary work chores and weather. Conveniency reduces added expendatures for transportation and fees associated with other pregnancy testing methods and eliminates scheduling conflicts. Spring calving producers can check herds when fall vaccination/worming occurs saving time and labor - one trip through chute. Earlier detection allows producer to schedule sales earlier or ship open cows during more profitable sale times. Buyers can be more assured bred cows are bred before purchase. Results are available the next working day after samples are received by the lab.
Eagle Talon will be closed the following holidays for 2011:
Memorial Day weekend: May 28-30
Independence Day weekend:July 3 & 4
Labor Day: Sept 3-5
Thanksgiving: Nov. 25
Christmas: Dec. 24 - 25
New Years: Dec 31-Jan1
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